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09-28-2012, 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by mrwolf77 View Post

IF they did do a Borg faction then it would get very boring VERY .ect ect because those are the only missions you could do with any realism.....
I couldn't agree less since there's more going on with the Borg. With the federation people can assume all they do is make peace with races but instead there's betrayel, conflict between things like section 8. The difference with the Borg they can't always assimilate all races.

Plus personally I find the klink faction quite bland, personally for me the Borg tend to make things a bit more interesting. It would also mean it could lead to more crossover plots like the origin of vger or how the Borg queen was cloned or escaped the cube in first contact. It would also fill in the plot holes. The borg faction could even be part of the resistance movement where they use the technology heavily to fight the normal Borg.

As for the haters of playable Borg 'nobody' is forcing you to play as them. Anyway I wanted this faction because it's what has interested many people since launch.

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Simple solution,

1) As the Borg need an AI to actually be Borg, then you could play as the Borg queen/king, this would be strange with 100 or so Borg queen's/king's.

2) As the Borg can adapt, they finally found a way to prevent the federation from uploading viruses to the Borg, they put an additional semi-independent AI (captain) in each Borg vessel, and you get to play as that semi independent "AI"
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Now this whole idea of a Borg faction will NEVEr EVEr happen absolutely never.
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The Borg should never, ever be a playable race. The race as a whole got stale in Voyager because Voyager used them all the time as episode plots eventually. They became over exposed and ceased to be a problem for the crew. Not to mention balancing game mechanics to adjust for them, how would get around adaption? How could you explain being an individual in the Collective? Even Locutus was under the Queens control.

With that said, I wouldnt mind seeing a playable Borg ship in game. Its quite reasonable to say that the Federation, The KDF and I suppose, the Romulan Republic to have uncovered crashed Borg probes on planets and have gutted them. Removed their collective Node and retrofitted them. I'm not saying we should ever have playable Borg Cubes, Spheres or Diamonds but heck, why not a Probe like the one the NX-01 encounters in Enterprise?

This one

Playable Borg ship, yes. Playable race... no
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Another, probably more valid idea would be that when and/or if you get stabbed with those assimilation nano-probes you start a mini mission where you assimilate others instead of getting killed 10-20 seconds into the 4:59 timer that shows up, and as a Borg "drone" your health bar gradually gains strength when you adapt to certain types of damage.
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03-25-2013, 09:13 AM
Wait... playable borg?

Thats some kind of weard joke, that I don't understand right?
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Suggestions for playable borg appear every so often probably due to there being liberated borg already in the game. In my opinion, the only way playable borg will exist is if it is based on the Borg Cooperative from Voyager, Hugh's group from TNG, or the Collective splits apart due to the loss of the Borg Queen from the last STF. We still would have regular Borg, but more would escape and have individual traits.

The essence of the Borg would have to change before we can get playable borg so no assimilating countless worlds. Playable Borg would essentially be a victim race like Romulans or Cardassians.
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A slightly more realistic way to do the ship progression would be that you start off with a probe and then work your way up through the escort/cruiser/science trees of assimilated alien ships, maybe delta quadrant species, to pad t out a little. Rather than the standard promotions, the Borg queen increased your priority/altered your designation based on your success, or maybe a minigame/cutscene where you get to assimilate a replacement char? Something along those lines, perhaps?

That way it sort of Borgifies the experience without changing the internal workings of the game too much. Also, if we get to play as Borg, I'll forgive Cryptic for the WOEFULLY short Borg campaign, I mean c'mon, only four misssions and an end game grind-fest? I am dissapoint.

So PLEEEEEAAAAAAASE give us this? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*
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We've just barely got a Romulan faction and people are already bellyaching for a pseudo-borg faction? Needy people..... If you do however do this many years down the road, leave it solely as a lifetime perk because anything resembling a playable borg is reserved only for those who put the cash up front...
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Originally Posted by mondoid View Post
Well since Into the Hive is being worked on/finished, one possible outcome from the death of the Queen could be a restructuring of the Collective. The Borg might decide to wait before sharing the information with the rest of the collective to see if there is anything dangerous to them, having each ship act as its own mini collective would be a simple fix, the Boffs and Doff system would fit in nicely that way. As for ships, a bird of prey style setup (universal stations) for all ships would seem natural. Probe for the escort, Sphere for the science ship and Scout Cube (my own idea, Cubes are 3km on each side, Scout Cubes are 1.5km on each side) for the cruiser line.
Given that this is a necro thread I'll repost my original comment on the subject. I was #9.

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