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Okay, here's what I have so far:

Fleet Norgh, with Fleet Deflector (MkXII), Fleet Polaron weps (MkXII cannons and heavies with turrets), Tac consoles are all Polaron (yes, it's a Pol-Boat).

Best practices: What Science and Engineering consoles will work best. I'm a Tac captain specced in Stealth and Insulators (I do run STF's from time to time) who likes to play in Kerrat (where people bring their newest toys.)

Currently on BOFFs run EPS 1 and 2, Extend 1 and 2, APD's 1, 2, and 3, GW (for fighter swarms), CRF1, CRF2, and two copies of Tac Team (useful in CSE when the Borgships send out the boarding parties).

I want to really make this Norgh sing, but I'm kind of questioning on what I need to run in the other six slots (three slots eng. three slots sci) as far as consoles to make it happen. Should I go for boosting manuever and shields at the cost of hull, or spec in lots of hull armor?

I know people down the thin-skinned BoP class as a whole, and all that, so I've probably heard "get a Crusier/Raptor" before-not what I'm asking about.

I want to make my Norgh sing.

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