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First off, I am not some guy thinking he can go around stomping everyone with his awesome carrier because he's so rich and awesome.

I bought the Caitan with some money I had saved up.... it was pretty much the only good science ship ( since I'm a sci guy! )..
So I've been on STO on/off and I decided to try out pvp... naturally I went against pros who had focused their whole life on perfecting their little ship with their insta-kill rays of death. I had only wanted to pvp casually, and now I can't even last 10 seconds because of these guys taking PvP to seriously. It really hampers my game experience....

By the way, I'm not complaining about losing. I'm complaining about not even being able to compete...!

So I'm asking the people of STO what builds would be good for my Caitan Atrox Carrier.
(please note I have about 300K EC... nothing I can't afford, thanks )

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