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No way to force Supersampling in this game without having artifacts:

Seems like some weird shadow from other objects on the screen, they move along as I move myself as well. I hope this can be fixed, because I got an awesome Nvidia GTX 670 and I can easily handle Supersampling 8x in this game.

Using Supersampling Transparency Antialiasing is an option but its still not as close as to full SSAA.

Can some dev please look at this? I've already tried both Direct3D9 and 11 (Beta) but no change.


Also normal Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing is kinda buggy around the models, perhaps its related to the same problem?
Effect on Direct3D9
Escalating Effect on Direct3D11

Using latest Nvidia Driver, tried rolling back has no effect. Same happens on my laptop with Nvidia 330M GT.

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