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# 1 Armitage build opinion
09-29-2012, 08:17 AM
Just wanted to get some input in ways of getting more out of the Armitage and some tweaks maybe. Before anyone says a thing, I already use a tactical escort-r that is loaded with the traditional cannon build. So I decided to do something different for the Armitage, for fun.

All weapons are [Borg]
Fore Weapons:
Antiproton Beam array MK XII x2
Antiproton Dual-beam Bank MK XII
Photon torpedo launcher MK XII

Aft Weapons:
Antiproton Beam Array MK XII x2
Photon torpedo launcher MK XII

MACO Deflector MK XI
Borg Engine

Eng Consoles:
Photon point defense system
Rule 62 console
Monotanium Alloy MK XI

Sci Consoles:
Borg console
Field generator MK XI

Tac consoles:
Antiproton Mag MK XI x3
Photon detonation Assembly MK XI

Adv Peregrine fighters

Tact1: Fire at will1/Torpedo spread2/High yield3/Omega3 (want to flip spread and high yield once I get spread 3)
Tact2: Beam overload1/target shields subsystems2
Tact3: Tact team 1
Eng: Emg power to shields1/emg power to weapons2/directed energy modulation2
Sci: polarized hull1/hazard emitters2

Purple Doffs:
Projectile weapons officerx3 (reduce torpedo CD)
Conn officer (reduced tact team)
Space warfare specialist (increased dmg to borg)

Currently, it does very good in stf's as a torp boat and it's a very fun ship to fly the way it is. It's something different, but just wanted to see if anyone had an idea to tweak it more here or there.

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