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if only there was an app for this !!  1345969906
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Originally Posted by rehpic View Post
The Vault Log, located on the News tab of the fleet window, has the option to switch between Stardate and Earth date, which is our actual time.

The in game stardate is computed by adding exactly 400 years to the current real date and time, and then applying the TNG/DS9/VOY date conversion described here:

The algorithm is not defined exactly, so we may not get exactly the same results as the calculator on that page.
Thanks rehpic! I still am not understanding how one calculator (STO's) doesn't calculate quite right, while the two linked in this thread seem to nail the dates fairly accurately - I'm not the best when it comes to math, however.

Nevertheless, for RP purposes I love that you guys included the log in the game. I just wish it wasn't semi-broken now (and has been for a long time). Any plans for a fix?

EDIT: STO says today's date is Stardate 90351.27. Problem is, that doesn't corellate with the proper date at all - your TNG calculator shows that as being Sat Nov 26 04:46:31 EST 2416, which is four years ahead of the 2412 we can reasonably assume STO takes place in by now, while the other shows the date as May 9, 2413, Time: 05:07:30.

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i appreciate this attention to detail, and attempt to be authentic
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What a perfect way to end this necro thread; with a post from the epic rehpic.
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