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im an older player lookin for a home,

I have been playing for about 5 weeks and need to learn more about this game so i may need to be guided sometimes i understand theres alot i havent done ,,,yet

about me : i dont like cocky people or pushy people i dont like im smarter than you types either my spelling stinks ,ive worked trades all my life a refined vocabulary isnt nessary when you need a big stinkin hammer. lol

i like to laugh and have a good time, and use alot of zingers once i get to know people
my kids are all but grown and gone doing their own thing so i have alot of time in the evenings

i seem to be favoring a engineer on a tac vessel,although i have a tac toon im workin on too,and a i kill you Klingon

if your group is the right fit ill work my butt of trying to make things fun for everyone, but i have no,none ,nada experience in a fleet this is my first sto account

i hope to see you out there somewhere,pms are welcome, but i type slow so be patient please

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