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# 1 A little Drama for the crew
09-30-2012, 03:22 PM

I do not know if this idea have been dicussed somewhere else in the forum... but there is one thing I would like to see in future gameplay.

As far as I know, the crew meter while playing space battles, goes from white (healthy) to orange (wounded and attended by medical staff) or black (Casualities).
Could it stop replenish itself when it is black ? Yes, the repairs are slower, but that is the point.
I mean we could slow down the rate the casuality appears on the meter... But I wish I could go to a starbase or meet a troop transport to replenish my crew.
They are delivered green and unexperienced, newcomers from the academy yeah ! That way, I could rely on doing Important decision about my CREW before going into battle, not only my ship's capacity or boff... but the essential basic ressource, the CREW, that critical need of any starship.
I find it annoying to try convincing myself... that my reserve staff is always on the GO ! No problem, we have triple staff capacity and tripple quarters everywhere !

Would'nt I feel cheap to go into hard mission with an experienced crew, and lose half of it because I could'nt cope with the challenge, or was misinformed of the tetryon beam arrays effect on my shields ? Start all over again with a unexperienced crew.

So maybee a XP crew meter along side of it.

I dont know what you guys think about that ?


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