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# 1 Sci Skill Build Advice Sought
09-30-2012, 02:24 PM
Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding my new science characters.

I have been playing 2 tacticals (FED/KDF) up til now and think I have a solid build with both.

Moving onto my science characters I have found it hard to find a skill build that works or one that I enjoy playing (in space). I realise I will never be able to deliver the dps as tactical or the tanking of engineering. I find the science skills in space are not nearly as good as the benefits other classes get with my play style.

I am looking to build a Varanus and Recon Sci respectively that have some dps and field control. For KDF I would use plasmonic leech or aceton assimilators for drains.

I'm finding the sci abilities like gravity well, tyken's rift etc not enough with full auxiliary to compensate for taking power off weapons needed for the killing blow.

I'd appreciate any feedback ppl have on this before I respec:

I have been thinking of dropping tractor beam repulsors and maybe replacing it with energy siphon, though worried about its effectiveness.

I would be using this in pvp and stfs.

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