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The Temporal Lock Box promo video shows the 29th century Starfleet uniform - the one worn by Captain Braxton and his crew of the U.S.S. Relativity in the far future.

Now, I am quite surprised that it hasn't surfaced yet. Will it be in the Lobi or the C-Store? I hope for the latter because to me this is not an extra type of clothing (like the Ferengi merchant jackets) but a genuine Starfleet uniform. As such, the player should be able to buy it off the C-Store as Account unlock, Imho.

I have more questions:
Division colours are as follows:
Blue/purple = Command
Brown/orange = Operations
Green = Science

Is the command uniform either purple or blue? It looks different depending on what image I look on...

Will Blackavaar update his Canon Color Guide with the new uniforms? He already has a post about 29th century colours but with different 'placeholder' uniforms. Thus, I am not sure how accurate it is at the moment.
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