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09-30-2012, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by redsoniavrel View Post
Either healing counts too or they've changed it back. Playing Sci Medic, I got the Purple PSG tech on a team with all tacticals and lets face it, if I did the most damage, what does that say about them?
Its BS, got a Proto Weapon Tech on my first run on Elite and I switched for a debuff kit during that and not really speced for Ground either, no way I was out DPSing my teammates and I also did not did the Tango with the Boss, no way its counting DPS to who gets the goods.

In fact the entire system seems randomized, how good or bad your loot is dependent on how the tables roll and its done for each player, there is no "finite" amount of gear that is handed out, it possible everyone gets a Tech Drop but considering the low drop chances of that happening it would be like thunder striking twice.

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