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# 1 Some SB questions of curiosity
10-01-2012, 12:55 AM
To begin, I think at this point we can say that most fleets are pretty much settled into the grind regardless. Large fleets are getting into it for the long haul, smaller fleets are probably slowing down or stopping at some point, and any other fleet will probably lean one way or the other.

So, here's some questions I have for all of you, because I'm very curious about the answers, mostly it's gonna be about higher tier stuff though.

1. What are the requirements for the tier 4 SB upgrade itself? I know the needed stuff for tier 4 shipyards, so the other areas will be pretty similar, but I'm wondering what the big upgrade needs.

1a. By extension, what about chef and species-specific Personal Officer requirements, if anybody has reached that yet.

2. Does anybody have completed tier 3/4 science and/or engineering? I'm itching to find out some of the new stats on elite space gear, along with what the elite ground shields are like. At the very least, I'd love to go to someone's SB so I could buy one (it wouldn't use your requisitions)

3. Does the Starbase's weapons change at all at tier 3/4? I've heard rumors it can shoot quantum torpedoes, is there any truth to it, or does it simply hit harder?

4. Has anybody fought Borg or Undine yet in space or in Incursion? I've fought everything else, including Tholians personally.


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