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# 1 Help me fine-tune me build.
10-01-2012, 06:40 AM
As the topic title suggests, I'd like some tips on fine-tuning my build for DPS (Presume I'm either in a Fleet Patrol Esc. or a Mobius, as those are my main and best ships atm). I alternate between STFs and light (as in, between fleet members and sometimes pug/premade) PVP, though STFS are the main thing I do. (My ship is already fine for other PVE activities, so no worries there. I just want to be even more effective beyond that)


~I use Polaron weapons. Please don't get one me about it, I love Polarons and have been using them since I was first able to outfit my whole ship with them. I am building up a mkXII purple set of Disruptors (already have the consoles) so even in serious PVP I'll have that option if Polaron somehow doesn't stack up (which would be strange seeing as Polarons have always done good by me anyway)

~The way I play is that I rely mostly on my hull to just soak up damage. This has pretty much always worked for me and so long as I don't get hit for a big crit at a bad time (mainly inbetween my hull absorbing damage and me restoring my shields. For me this is only ever a window of less than 5 seconds and so far its only gotten me killed up against Borg, but thats usually because I get unlucky enough to get hit with a Super Torp) As of now, I don't think I'll ever really change away from this.

~ I Do have Mk XII [Acc]x3 Dual cannons and Turrets of the polaron variety.

Anyway, here's my ship setup on my Mobius. (I haven't actually used my FPE in a while so I don't have a setup for it, though it isn't very different from how I have my Mobius setup)

Advanced Fleet Polaron Dual Cannons [Acc] x3
AF Quantum or Transphasic Torp [CritD]
AF Pol. Turrets [acc] x3

Advanced Positron Deflector Array [Grav] [Ins] [ENG] [HullR]
Borg Engines
Borg Shields
Subspace Field Mod
(Not sure what other device I want to put here)

Ablative Hull Armor Mk XII Purple (Note that I have a bunch of armors, cept the neutronium one, that I switch out depending on need)

Sif Generator Mk XII Purp

Tipler Cylinder
Assimilated Module
Tachykinetic Module
Flow Capacitors Mk XII Purple

4x Polaron consoles, mk XII purple


Commander Tac: Torp Spread 1, Torp Spread 2, APO 1, CSV 3
Lt. Tac: TT 1, CSV 1
En. Engineering: EPTS
Lt. Universal: EPTW, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Lt. Com. Universal: Sci Team 1, Tractor Beam Repulsors, Hazard Emitters 3.

Current Skill setup:

Main thing I'm trying to tune is my BOFFs (Namely choosing between APO3, CSV3, and CRF3) and my skills. My ship setup i feel is fairly solid as is so I'm not too woried about it.


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