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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
probably really just easier to keep the changeable parts in the inventory, and then just change the BOFFs and weapons, etc...
atleast no need to find a shipyard anytime you want to queue for pvp or stf.
It makes sense if you prefer another type of ship for PVP than for stfs, but the same ship twice only with different equip...atleast to me that seems very inconvenient and unnecessary ofcourse.
and in your case (two fleet escorts) an unnecessary expense, considering each cost 4 fleet ship modules.
But then again logic seems not to apply anyway, since fleet escort is inferior to most other fleet escorts ships like the fleet patrol escort, that can actually copy the BOFF layout and has superior shield and hull.
To spend 4 fleet ship modules for an inferior ship is one thing, but to actually want a second is beyond me.

but to each his own, i would say.
Okay, not the new Fleet Escort, the old one. For the purposes of this discussion, pick a ship, any ship and substitute it for my original Fleet Escort. I would like to have one ship (of your choosing) set up for PvP, and another exact same ship set up for STFs. My set up for those purposes are significantly different.

Bottom line is that it is much easier to transwarp to a starbase than it is to keep and move the different weapons and consoles and reset the ability trays.
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10-02-2012, 12:37 AM
The FPE can't copy my AE build per se (I run 3 shield generators), unless that extra 0.09 shield mod makes up for the additional SG?
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