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# 1 Foundry problem.
10-02-2012, 12:06 AM
Alright so I figured I'd give making a mission a try.

However, I've already encountered a small problem. I want to spawn a NPC (for starters) inside the cave that's already on the standard Risa ground map (west side of the map).

When i just put the npc there it'll spawn on top of the mountain above the cave. Lowering the y to what seems to be a maximum of -32.9 makes the npc show up inside the cave ceiling with its legs sticking out. No matter what I make Y relative to it ends up with the same result.

I can spawn myself in the cave at Y=0 relative to zero altitude.

Why can't I lower the value for Y more? I only need about 8 extra meters.

Any ideas/solutions?

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