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Alright Borticus, I asked about the critter balance in No-Win while you were chatting in doffjobs, and you asked for a feedback thread in the PvE gameplay forums, so here it is.

First off, a very short summary of findings and context: Only Orions offer the possibility of beating wave 10, with every single other race presenting virtually insurmountable differences due to their various c-store console and bridge officer abilities. I (and my fleets) have run this mission dozens and dozens of times, and I've been to wave 10 about half a dozen times, so I've got a good idea of what does and doesn't work when it comes to doing well at this mission.

Now for the specific racial feedback. I am aware that after our Tribble feedback, Gozer concentrated the abilities on certain ships so that not every spawn would be using these abilities. In our experience however, as a practical matter, it is not feasible to both deal with warheads and even attempt to take out the ships with special abilities. In later waves dealing with specific ships is not even an option due to the sheer numbers which warp in. With EVE's targeting interface it might be doable, but not with STO's.

Breen: By far the worst of the lot when it comes to special abilities. Tyken's Rift & Energy Siphon have the ability to drain the transport's shield power to zero, making it's shields drop, which is an immediate game-over. They also have the sub-nucleonic beam ability to strip player's buffs. Knowing how to counter sub-nukes is not the problem, the lowered DPS from the buff strips and the sheer number of incoming sub-nukes vs. the number of available science teams is, even if you have a sci team on every ship. Fighting the Breen is simply not a winnable proposition beyond wave six or seven.

Jem'Hadar: They have sub-nukes, see Breen comments. The boarding parties can be dealt with through AoE, repulsors, tac teams, eng teams if the tac team doesn't catch them. The sub-nukes however are more than enough to make fighting the Jem'Hadar impractical.

Fehk'lari: These guys are annoying for a number of reasons. Firstly, the tricobalt devices lead to a large number of 1-hit kills due to lucky crits, they have a ton of pets which spam aceton beams at a rate which Hazards can't keep up with, and the pet spam makes keeping them under control even more difficult.

Gorn: Aceton Assimilators en masse. Enough said right there; the pvp community has made it's feelings on this particular console pretty clear, and they are devastating in numbers. Extra Bio-Neurals + Tractors just make it worse.

Klingons: When isometric charge can 1-shot the healer, it's not worth bothering against these guys.

Orions: Only weird thing they have is boarding parties, which we can counter relatively easily. Only race that beating wave 10 against seems feasible for.

Nausicans: The Scramble Sensors isn't bad, any experienced pvp'er knows how to fight while affected by it, but the Gravity Wells result in massive kinetic damage to the transport which even keeping Aux2Sif 3 and Hazards 3 on can't effectively counteract. Enough gravwells also start affecting the players making mobility difficult.

Romulans: the endless cloak / decloak game of the Scimitar Dreadnoughts makes fighting the romulans a long, frustrating experience to say the least. Viral Matrix quickly overwhelms engineering team availability, and the DoT from plasma torps on the transport when there is any downtime on Hazards can be devastating. Also seen the AoE death cone attack from the Scimitars do nasty things to the transport.

Tholians: Haven't fought them yet in NWS.

Federation: Shockwave Torpedoes & Tractor Beam repulsors make maintaining group cohesion / Extends on the transport next to impossible.

In my opinion, a number of these abilities aren't going to be balanced in this particular PvE context, such as sub-nukes, Assimilators or Iso Charges. When trying to make a serious effort at beating it, we just warp in and out of the private match until we get Orions. Giving us a choice of enemies or stripping all their active powers would do a lot to make NWS more fun.
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