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10-03-2012, 10:37 AM
Greetings everyone. Tier 5 Operators ( FED & KDF ) is recruiting new members of all ranks to add to our growing Fleet.

A little info about myself, I am a Vet player from the Beta days, I run 2 Life Timer accounts with 14 characters. I am on everyday checking my 2 Fleets to make sure they have new Projects to fill to earn their Fleet Credits and to keep our Fleet Base growing. I am easy going, friendly and experienced in the game.

Our Fed Fleet Base is currently Tier 2 Base, Military, Eng and Sci currently. All special projects have been done. New projects are added everyday. All Vice Admiral members have full access to our Fleet Banks. Provisions are well stocked up for shopping.

Our Fleet only has 1 Rule, No Drama. If your current Fleet is dead, Fleet owner never logs on, no new Projects to fill, come join us, there is none of those problems here. We are looking for Fun, Active, Mature players of all ages and of all Ranks including new players that are interested in making new friends, learning and growing together. We also have a KDF Fleet that your KDF character can join.

You can reach me in game either by Mail or message at: @blueamdgamer. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers.

Fleet Admiral: @blueamdgamer.
U.S.S. HONDA ODYSSEY NCC-170001-F-Odyssey Class
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Maximus@blueamdgamer
Dedication Plaque: "By Any Means Necessary" -Malcolm X

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