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It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea?

Alright, Non-Combat / Diplomacy Missions:

I'm not gonna talk about the merits of doing a pure non-combat mission stylistically because we all know just how often in your average Trek show the Ship took on 12 other vessels and racked up a kill count of 12,000 enemy crewmen.

What I am wondering about is going all out on a non-combat mission. No combat at all. I know it can be done, and done well, but, is it a good idea?

It's not hard to put a tiny bit of combat into a mission and call it combat light, or to work in options where a clever or devoted captain can avoid combat where someone who wants to may end up facing a fight or two. But is that mix worth the effort? Is it best to say out the gate that you will not get any combat in this mission and deal with it? Or should I just keep in mind the classic formula of a little bit of space a little less of ground while going with my story?

What are your thoughts? Those of you with non-combat missions already, how do you feel about them and how do the players feel? Is it overall success or not worth attempting halfway?

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