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The humanoid aliens from TNG: The Chase ~ the same ones that are appearing throughout a number of STO episodes. Was thinking about them earlier, about their 'seeding the galaxy' as they'd not found any other life. That got me thinking about life that would / could have been around.

Obviously these Preservers were the only humanoid species, yet this doesn't discount the Tholian Assembly from still being around back then (assuming they had evolved by that point). The same would go for the Xindi Aquatics (and Insectiods actually). Though the five (or six) Xindi species are all suppose to share some genetics; doesn't quite work out with what we're told about these preservers.

Anyway, getting to the question. These preservers couldn't have been the only species around back then, and I doubt they were responsible for the birth of various insectoid, and reptillian species in addition to the Tholians. Could they have been around at the time of the Iconian; maybe even the Hur'q?

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