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10-04-2012, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I don't have numbers - but i play the game 6 hrs a day every day - all over the map - and i don't see the regent more than a couple times in the whole day.

I see the Oddy everywhere, I see the Armitage a lot, I see other FED ships a lot but almost no regents - I would call that a bomb. I don't think i am the only player that does not see the Regent very often.
I see several Sovy refits in Elite STFs, but they usually use the regular Sovy skin.

I saw altogehter 5 Heavy Escort Carriers in STFs yesterday, not counting my own (which again uses the standard Akira skin)

So, honest question:

What percentage of Regents compared to the overall number of ships (in Sector Space, Sol System etc.) do you need to see to not call a ship a "bomb"?

Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
And Talking about the 2 ships this one is way different - first i said that i was going over the top on the Regent which was just A REFIT of the Sov

The VESTA is the first completely new Starfleet C-Store starship to the Game since the Oddy - off course it needs to 1 up the bar.
Because you now use the Oddy as an arbitrary landmark?

I presume you left the Atrox carrier which was released after the Odyssey out of your equation because...?

If that's the case, what about in a few months when another new ship appears?
Will we then need a thread where that ship since it was the first new ship since the Vesta needs to be equipped with 11, 12 or 13 consoles?

I think you need to throttle down a bit and take a look at the ships that hit the C-Store in the past.
Ships like the Dreadnought didn't sell because they were more powerful than others (in fact the original Dreadnought was more of a tier 4.5 than a tier 5 ship) but because people wanted to fly that ship.

Same goes for ships like the Vesta.
It's not about moar gunz or moar skillz.
It's about the ship.
Please keep than in mind when you open up sich threads because you seem to completely overlook this for some reason.

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