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# 1 Logout button
10-04-2012, 02:10 AM
I have a suggestion for the logout button. currently "logout" takes you all the way out. I am suggesting a logout option that takes you to the character selection screen. this would be useful for players that routinly play multiple characters during a gaming session.
for exp. I routinely play my TAC character and do some STF's. then, while waiting for the CD's, I'll log into my ENG character to do stf's or another toon to lvl or whatever.
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10-04-2012, 03:33 AM
Been suggested before, and rejected because <random excuse to cover up that they don't want to bother with it>
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10-04-2012, 03:42 AM
Would make it so much better to go from character to character. But Cryptic/PWE do not like making things easy unless it's easy excuses why they can't fix certain issues
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10-04-2012, 03:45 AM
I'd be happy if after you logout with the "save my user name option" it would actually save your name right. Currently, at least for me, the user name is converted to all lower case so its not really the right user name.

That and put the focus on the password field instead of the end of your user name.
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10-04-2012, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by robeasom View Post
.... But Cryptic/PWE do not like making things easy unless it's easy excuses why they can't fix certain issues
This is perhaps the single best explaination to why 3/4 of our suggestions/bug reports go ignored. I've been hoping for months that they would add a "Character Selection" button to the options menu HINT HINT CRYPTIC, but I'm guessing it's been proposed and ignored before (Personally I'd be happy with the ability to simply crtl v my password into the password field). Much the same as the toolbar scramble mini-game has been an ongoing yet ignored nuisance.

Quick edit here:
It appears that we do have the ability to paste our password into the password field...my bad Cryptic. Perhaps it was there several months ago, whatever the case it didn't work last time i tried it, but is working now.

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