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# 1 Ferasans mission
10-04-2012, 04:12 AM
Hi all. I've been using the foundry for a little while now, but this is my first time on here. I've had some good feedback about this mission in-game, since I put it out this week, and thought I'd post it on the forum now as well.

Project name: "Ferasans",
Project ID: ST-HH62JKNCJ
By fraserdgreat
Federation, level 16+

From the mission description:
A Klingon invasion of the Caitian homeworld unveils a dark experiment, and the nature of the invaders demonstrates growing unrest in the Klingon Empire. What role do Ferasans have in the invasion? And can Hodgkins Law of Parallel Planetary Development really be wrong?
  • Ground, indoor and space combat,
  • Urban fighting an a Caitian city, and a Federation Naval Patrol shore base, including a ground turret used to shoot down Klingon fighters,
  • Many optional objectives and puzzles, which affect which allies will help during the rest of the mission,
  • A Caitian/Ferasan-based story.
  • UK spelling! ()

I'd welcome any feedback (and hope you enjoy it, if you play).
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# 2
10-04-2012, 02:28 PM
Good mission. Great maps, enjoyed the combat, good use of triggers. The only issue is... the story really conflicts with Canon. Mainly because the Ferasans and Caitians are nearly the same species and did evolve on the same planet.

The Caitians were originally Ferasans and from Ferasa but left when they had a conflict with the group who become the Ferasans. So they began the Caitian Diaspora and they relocated from Ferasa near Cardassian space to Cait near Romulan space. Since then, over several thousand years the Caitians did evolve differently than their Ferasans brothers and are technically a different species now. But thats the difference between modern humans (Homo Sapiens) and the Neanderthals.

Now most of that is from both TAS (where the Ferasans were the Kzinti) and the STO in game Doff storyline about the Caitian Diaspora.

It was really interesting, but the details really need to be changed before it's a 5 star mission.

Someone on the forums posted a great bit of Caitian history pieced together from both Memory Beta and one of the Roleplaying guides from the 80s here:


Other than that, very impressed. Good job!
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# 3
10-05-2012, 12:44 AM
Thanks. I've tweaked some of the dialogue (just) to work with that. The genetics expert is a little less dogmatic now, but the character has some choice which to believe. I'm working on the basis that HurviQah (the Ferasan) is on to something, but he's got the mechanism wrong. The admiral does make some reference to an ancient split, but I've based it (rightly or wrongly) on minor characters in-universe not having heard of the classified Ferasan database in the DOFF chain. That also explains the genetic engineering that changed the Ferasans now.
Glad you enjoyed it though. I already had a plan for a sequel that would take it in a slightly different direction, looking at some of the TOS "duplicate" worlds, but I think the Caitians not being one of those, while other planets are, because they came from Ferasa (and HurviQah thinking they must be duplicates) could make a compelling story - I think I can integrate both of those with this mission.

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