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Originally Posted by Sephiroth144 View Post
pffft... like the Marvelverse has messes as big as DC's... how many infinites can it handle?
Heh, true.
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Originally Posted by Hetfield View Post

do you really think that ST XI has been such a great box office success because of the destruction of Vulcan and the creation of an alternative time line? It was successful because of massive pre-movie marketing, great special effects, very good action and new actors that played the famous TOS crew. The last couple movies were good, but not good enough for a successful box office. Don't forget - the real icons of Star Trek are Kirk, Spock and Co, NOT Picard, Riker oder Worf. The original series is CULT and way more famous then TNG, DS9, etc.

Therefore - Paramount will always make money with a movie similar to ST XI. And if we all are lucky they will also care about the timeline problem in the next movies. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. I just hope that there is someone at Paramount that cares and write it into the storybook for ST XII...

It sounds like you also do not understand WHY they created an "alternate timeline" instead of simply making a standard "prequel". The reason is becuase if they simply made a standard prequal, set in the same timeline as TOS, then they are very very limited in what they can do, since the events have to match up EXACTLY with the canon of every other ST series and movie ever made. However, by setting it in an alternate timeline, they are free to tell new stories without worrying about trashing existing canon. So no, they are NOT going to "fix" the timeline problem in the next movie, because all that would do is handcuff them to canon once again.

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