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# 1 Defence Stacking
10-05-2012, 11:24 AM
Does anyone know if there is a penalty associated with defence stacking or some sort of cap on effective defence?

In pve the enemy must have an accuracy value of over 100% as standard, probably about 130% I dont know for sure. It occurs to me its not too difficult for a character to hit close numbers of defence.

70% due to speed in an escort (i believe is the cap)
10% 2 piece aegis engine + deflector
10% Elusive trait

Now we add the coup de grace and use the KDF Honor Guard shield
-25% accuracy.

As far as i'm aware the proc on the shield is practically up constantly, meaning every shot fired by an enemy with less than 115% accuracy is going to miss.

There might be a minimum hit chance, there was a rumor of one a while back of 25%, but I don't know if pve enemies get this.

Everyone loves the borg set for its heals but if defence stacking is a valid tanking method its better to not get hit at all than have to heal.

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