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# 1 Vicious Varanus
10-06-2012, 05:09 AM
I went back ten pages, and not one Varanus thread. So I figured I would start one, asking for a little help. Now as a Gorn I fly a Gorn ship, However my Gorn is a tac captain, which raises some issues.

My basic premise at the moment is Some high tier science attack powers (Gravity well pimped to the max) and a number of lower tier Hull and shield heals. Weapons power is run at minimum, so Aux can be set to maximum.
For weapons I run with 6x PLasma torpedo's. The logic is with those I don't need to worry about weapon power, and the plasma fire gets around the enemy shields. In my previous science ship builds getting enough power to all the systems was always a pain.

But here is the issue I have. While I can kill things reasonably well, some times it takes a little longer than I'd like. To give an example, I'll use an STF (the one with the three spawn points attacking the Krang)
The BOP's I can deal with just fine. The Raptors one might get past me, but die abut 2Km past my ship, and the Neg'vah's I got no chance of stopping both, maybe one, if
the gravity well aftershock proc fires nicely.

So I'm wondering How I can up my punch. Any ideas?
I did think about losing my two torpedo spreads (set everything on fire!) for attack pattens and use Hagh'peng torps x6.

Part of the issue seems to be the ineffectivenss of fully pimped science powers. a Tachyon beam III or Charged particle burst III will only knock a targets shields down to 50%. I suppose a full cannon/Turret/1x photon torp build with lots of shield and hull heals, and all power to weaposns could work

So any ideas?

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