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Just a random idea of a suggestion, thought i share

- Suggestion 1.

seeing how there's a tour of the galaxy event,
why not add a Tour of the sector stf mission
for small craft only, seeing how there's only one small craft stf mission
"the vault", this would be nice to have as another option for small craft.
and players can have some fun modifying there small craft for speed.

there's no fighting, strictly racing. and have it reward a bundle of rewards
random drops ranging from fleet marks, dilithium and energy credits
and have a Racing space set as a rare unique drop(for small craft only)

- Long race track, each check point around the track will give fleet marks
- and those who finish the race at the end will receive dilithium+Energy credits
- and those who afk bot at starting line will receive nothing.

- Suggestion 2.

Nukara prime

Zones need an increase in player capacity to 30 per zone atleast.

Cave repeatable missions need a slight increase in rewards because
no one does the mission quests inside the cave. to give a better
incentive to do them. i suggest this because players seem to not bother
with the quests inside the cave, its alot easier to do the ones outside
then to do the ones inside the cave.

Suggestion 3.

i know it might be alot to ask, Add some Duty officer Assignments on Nukara prime
where you have to beam to the planet surface and get them. and have those Doff Assignments
reward fleet marks, dilithium and expertise.

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