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As someone who runs both KDF and Federation fleet bases, I really feel like the Federation fleet base... is lacking in detail, greatly.

In order to remedy this, I think there needs to be a redesign, not a complete redesign ( or maybe complete redesign.

But since I have a few ideas of my own I decided to use screenshots from various parts of ESD and place them into the starbase and rearrange the starbase itself.

Keep in mind this is a quick edit, so don't expect details or perfection, I'm just trying to give you all my ideas as a place holder certainly not a polished idea.

( Click Here )

So in this fabricated poor 5 minute shopped screenshot
  • Conference Room was put on the side, and another RAMP added
  • Restaurant Area ( at the back but not viewable
  • Some type of fountain
  • Dance Floor Area improved greatly, well beyondt the circle dance floor we'll be getting.

Any ideas?

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10-06-2012, 08:51 AM
even though being photo shopped pretty quickly this does look miles better than whats currantly in there, but of course dont forget that they are going to make you pay an arm and a legs worth of dill for any kind aof asthetics that are hugely time barrierd, and if a portion of your fleet goes on holiday for a few weeks in a month or two then you risk missing out on those limited time events especuly if your in a small fleet.

KDF starbase however pretty much has everything that alot of folks want in the feddy starbase already, for example the conference table was already in the KDF one where as the feddy one you are gunna have to fork over 200k dill.
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10-06-2012, 08:54 AM
Thats KINDA what the special projects are for?
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