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I was gonna post this elsewhere in the forum, but felt it might be better answered here. I know trying to find the maximum damage resistance isn't exactly effective or useful to know, but I'm really curious about it. Both in ground and on space. I don't have all super-powerful Mk XII stuff across the board, so I know that alone won't give me the max of course.

Oh yes, I mean hull resistance in space, and armor resistance on the ground.

So far, I've managed to personally get about 60% roughly resistance to kinetic and physical damage, a little lower (About 55%) for energy types, and around the 40% range for more exotic damage (like toxic).

For space, I managed to get my D'kora up to 66% resistance to all energy damage, and 70% kinetic resistance.

I'm sure someone can get higher numbers than that of course. I'm just wondering what those numbers might be.

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