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# 1 New recruitment Methods
10-07-2012, 01:09 AM

I started a new character 2 days ago (I've got allready 2 level 50 characters and my own fleet). When I first warped to ESD I got instantly invited to a fleet, when I warped out to the Sirius Sector Block I received another invitation to the same fleet from the same guy...

In the first 24 hours that the new character exists, I got 5 invitations to 3 different fleets, I've requested noone of these...

Writing recruitment-messages in the Zone-Chat is one thing, some people abuse about those messages, but running around looking for everybody who is not currently in a fleet, right clicking him and then choose "invite to fleet" is worse then those recruiting messages...

I know, there are privacy-settings, where you simply can reject fleet invitations, but people who are new to STO might not know that...

There should be a function to report unwanted fleet-invitations to a GM, it's worse then a chat-spammer or somebody who uses a wrong word in the chat.

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