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10-07-2012, 03:13 AM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
He said 'indirect attempt'. That is the Reputation system, where both factions do missions involving the Romulans, trying to get them on their side.
The mere fact they're thinking along the lines of integrating the Romulans into an already existing faction is cause for concern.

Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
But like he said, it's an attempt. Nothing's been decided yet on if the Romulans will become another playable faction, or intergrated into a different faction.
That's what worries me.

Originally Posted by typhoncal View Post
It was unfortunate that we heard nothing about expanding the universe other than them adding another block for adding the Delta Quadrant (Note to Stahl: Don't forget we have Klingon's on a Delta Quadrant World - Voyager). Perhaps it is time that Cryptic hire someone with some good programing skills and find a way to represent the REAL ST Universe vs. what we are forced to accept.
We could actually do with three more blocks; one for the Tholians (directly below eta Eridani), another one for the Romulans (directly right of Iota Pavonis; requiring Level 4 diplomacy access) and, as you've stated, one for the Delta Quadrant species.

Should also state, good call you've made on the Delta Quadrant Klingons, though I'm not sure (seeing as they destroyed their ship and went to their new planet with little technology) that they'd be flying around in starships just yet. I'd like to see the Fen Damar; they weren't seen on screen, but were mentioned in End Game as lying somewhere between the edge of the Beta & Gamma Quadrant. Voyager lost a lot of crew when fighting them if I recall?

Also, Tier #6 ships. Lets be realistic about this guys, they're all going to cost us. The only freebee we might get out of it is the standard Odyssey Class (they'll probably upgrade the Odyssey to Tier #6 anyway).

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