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10-06-2012, 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
At least they're looking at science -rolls eyes-
they seem to be operating under the assumption that sci consoles are still underpowered. frankly that hasn't been the case since the new skill tree and p2w consoles were released. more often then not my sci slots are full of flow cap or particle gen, and im not flying a sci ship
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10-07-2012, 02:36 AM
Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
because they dont ever give any direct anwsers. "soon" "next season" "we're working on it" usually the anwsers. its also i feel somewhat insulting to have been told at the begining of the years big plans were in the works, then slowly and surely they've just outright been ignoring us.

Basically no point in asking questions PVP related because the answers will be ambiguous as usual
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10-07-2012, 07:36 AM
Until recently, its been obvious that cryptic doesn't want to send a single resource pvp's way. Bort is an obvious change to that, and if bort is reading this, I want to again say thanks for the work you've done. Problem is, I see the same issue of cryptic just releasing hair brained ideas still with no regard as to how the community views them. Bort then has to scramble to try to change these releases that are out of balance the best he can within the confines of what he's allowed to do with them. You obviously can't just remove a doff that ppl have spent money on opening without an outcry, even if the doff has no place in the game. So while I REALLY appreciate the work bort is doing, it still feels like he's just plugging holes in the boat with his fingers. If cryptic continues to show no interest in consulting their community before releasing OP crap (making new holes), bort will never really be able to get a handle on actually starting to rebalance the mountain of issues there already are now.

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