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Okay seeing as how I seem to have failed miserably in my previous topic about this ability let me be perfectly clear as to my situation.

1) My ship is a Science ship, I usually swap between using either of the full sets of Aegis, Maco and Omega, I do not use the 3 piece Borg set up....ever.

2) The abilities I roll with on this Ship are Engineering: Emergency Power to Weapons, Emergency Power to Shields, Reverse Shield Polarity (for the time being), Tactical: Beam Array Fire At Will, Attack Pattern Beta, Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields, and my Science Abilities are: Transfer Shield Strength, Science Team, Hazard Emitters (Rank III), Gravity Well, Mask Energy Signature (I wanted to try it so dont judge!!!) and Polarize Hull.

Now because I have two Emergency Power to Shield abilities, Transfer Shield Strength, Science Team, Hazard Emitters AND Polarize Hull....wouldnt having Reverse Shield Polarity be a bit overkill? Because I am finding myself with little need for Reverse Shield Polarity thanks to my gear and the particular ship I am using. SO that being said...which of the following Lt. Cmdr ranked abilities would be a proper replacement for Reverse Shield Polarity, Aux to Structural, Directed Energy Modulation, Eject Warp Plasma or Extend Shields?

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