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# 1 Spotlight Foundry missions.
10-07-2012, 10:34 PM
I've slowly been playing through the spotlight foundry missions. I've only done three so far, and I would like to venture some thoughts. Now I'm going to avoid mentioning the names of some of them, mostly because their creators put allot of work into them. And Me kicking over their sand castle seems a bit unfair.

The first I did was a bit long (~1 hour), but otherwise solid in plot. The environments were stunning, especially due to the limited templates. I never really knew which map you'd used.

The next was a dull plot, at least it was over in a much shorter time frame. It suffered from the big flaw that it only works for some captains. In my Case my Gorn is a separatist rebel supporter, and having that intro just jarred too much.

Finally I come to my third one. This one I Will name. Its Raktajino in a Jar by Drogyn1701.

First this one is a Lite mission. Very easy going, compared to some. So the plot is a bit simple, but that's not a bad thing. After being up for 26 hours it was about my level of mental prowess. Its also a nice short mission time wise.
But it has brilliant humour in it, and the interactions between your captain and NPC's are pure comedy gold. Equally you get to lie to one of those annoying blue tree huggers, which I did on principal. The other classic bit was dealing with your engineer bridge officer.
Finally, you get the references. Now I'm going to make a wild leap here and suggest Drogyn1701 is British. I spotted at least two References, one from Monty Python. The other, I Shall simply call "the Conversation in the bar".
If you've played the mission you'll know the bit I mean. If you're about to play it, Don't leave the bar until you've found it.
Now it might fall flat if you've never watched that TV show (however as its one of the most popular shows in the country I think you might get it).
The brilliant bit is it sneaks up on you. I was reading it then I noticed the actual NPC's and thought "you know, that looks an awful lot like... nooooo?!"
From then on it just got funnier.

So a very well written script and a nice finisher for the end of the day, say if you've got half an hour to 45 minutes then you can crank this out easily.

So Good Job Drogyn1701.

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