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# 1 New recruitment Methods
10-07-2012, 01:09 AM

I started a new character 2 days ago (I've got allready 2 level 50 characters and my own fleet). When I first warped to ESD I got instantly invited to a fleet, when I warped out to the Sirius Sector Block I received another invitation to the same fleet from the same guy...

In the first 24 hours that the new character exists, I got 5 invitations to 3 different fleets, I've requested noone of these...

Writing recruitment-messages in the Zone-Chat is one thing, some people abuse about those messages, but running around looking for everybody who is not currently in a fleet, right clicking him and then choose "invite to fleet" is worse then those recruiting messages...

I know, there are privacy-settings, where you simply can reject fleet invitations, but people who are new to STO might not know that...

There should be a function to report unwanted fleet-invitations to a GM, it's worse then a chat-spammer or somebody who uses a wrong word in the chat.
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# 2
10-07-2012, 05:02 AM
Indeed this has been a constant problem since the start of STO's F2P days. The ability to use privacy settings to auto block unwanted invites is a response to this scenario.

In all honesty you have to wonder about the personnel quality with their policy of random invitations. Good players will likely know they are duped and quit immediately or post a relevant complaint but those who stay in those random-invite fleets are typically those not well versed in software or do not know what is going on in the game.

I have had players who are retirees IRL not know they were spammed with random invites until weeks after because they do not know how to check their current fleet affiliation.

Seriously, anyone who thinks that random invites are a 'necessary evil' should stay away from any computer game bearing the Star Trek name. People visit STO and support the game in a gesture of good faith and the last thing we need are low quality fleets only concerned with their own numbers and nothing else.
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# 3
10-07-2012, 01:35 PM
Sorry, I don't think it's a problem that started with f2p... I think those fleets just try to get people that could contribute a few things to their fleetprojects. There are allready enough questions in DS9-Zone-Chat:"How do I leave my fleet?".

The whole fleet-advancement-system needs lots of goods, fleetmarks and personel. I'd guess Cryptic/Perfect World set the requirements too high. If you would need only 20 fleetmarks per project and less DOFFs, no fleet would have trouble to build up their starbases and do the projects.

I just think these random invite fleets are worse then any recruiting message. Somehow they should be stopped from recruiting that way, but how can they be stopped? Should a button "report spam" appear when somebody declines the third time within 30 minutes the invitation to the same fleet from the same guy?!? Should we be limited to 10 fleet-invites per hour?

A maximum of 10 fleet-invitations per hour wouldn't be a big problem, even for those people recruiting with messages via the chat...
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10-08-2012, 10:13 AM
I think if someone has invited a single person three times, and if that person declined all three of the invite within a short space of time (Say 10-20mins) they get a mute penalty where they cannot interact with any other member for like a hour. However it should be account based so they just don't log out and go on a different character.
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# 5
10-08-2012, 10:25 AM
Was at first thinking you were talking about me, but then saw that you said they just sent random fleet invites.

See i take the time, write up a nice message after checking a persons info, and ask them if they are looking for a fleet, and share some of the highlights about my group, dont understand why other groups have to spam and right click invite instead of just asking with a nice personal touch.

Was going to say if you were talking* about my personal message then bite it lol. Spam belongs in a can.

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