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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
I've been almost exclusively KDF since birth but decided to get back on my first toon ever recently. Didn't even have a borg console, that'll tell you how little I played him.

Anecdotal pug comparisons, I had 3 pugs last night where I typed "Do you have chat open" into team and got no response. After the third I went back to my klink. I also asked 4 people from the same fleet why they weren't shooting at the same target and got no response.

Another realization is that I suck balls in an MVAM, so Mav I could use some help if you're around sometime.

Also about that comment about a KDF pre-made, SVR has 3 for the tournament but nobody else is charging disruptors. Tell ur friends with ridges. Hey drunk, how about that K'Tinga?
i maybe'ed the event, if im around i'll participate. if i back the ktinga off of 90% offense it will be a hell of a support ship, and nearly an escort replacement still. even now, i still run extends on the thing, but i should knock EWP down a notch and give it ES 3 at least.

could take the fleet vorcha too, thing is just a CRF juggernaut that can all but ignore 1 person shooting you wile you are trying to kill someone, in a way no escort can. pretty useless in a cruisers role though.
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