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10-08-2012, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Well used to be the Ning'tao, anywhoo...I want to fly a bop...since I'm not a bop expert I'm afraid might be to squishy. But I'm not a huge fan of the Hoh'SuS, its the ugliest bop by far imo. I suppose best just to stick with a Hegh'ta and see how things go over time.

I wish the would make a Fleet Hegh'ta, maybe make it the heavy bop and a little bit more hull and shields than the Hoh'SuS...or maybe a Kvort.

'cause the Hose-us was an afterthought that got advanced along the same dev-thinking as the Aquarius, rather than, you know, a design someone actually thought about for more than five minutes on the toilet after watching an eighties era Zoids marathon.
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10-08-2012, 06:54 PM
No, no, no, didn't you know? The battlecloak and the universal boffs are 'OP', so they gotta nerf the heck out of the ship class and ensure that they can't match a Federation escort straight up without very specialized builds. Even then they'll whine about it, because good players are able to overcome the limitations to a degree (see: the tactics used by Zirac and thissler, along with Minimax's sci BoP setups). The Fleet Hoh'sus is an improvement, I'll grant them that, but it's still not that great. The universal boffs aren't the wondrous OP layout they used to be, now that the Federation has enough escorts and science ships to cover every conceivable layout someone would want to run on a Hegh'ta or B'rel Retrofit. The battecloak isn't that much of an improvement over a regular one (mostly just allows for an earlier escape).

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