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# 1 How is this?
10-09-2012, 05:16 AM
(This is what I'm going to be doing with my respec)


Using Polaron (Adv. Fleet DHC's + Turrets) + Quantum torp

x2 Omega (Deflector + Engines)

Maco Shields

Subspace Mod

Neutronium (purple 12)

Tachyokinetic Converter


Assimilated mod.

x2 Flow Cap (purple 12)

4x Polaron consoles (purple 12)


HE1, TSS 2, Energy Siphon 2


Torp Spread1, APB1, CRF 2, APO3



DOFFs (all purple):

Either Space Warfare (for STFS) or the Cannons recharge one.

Shield Dist

Sub Nuc

x2 Conn

I don't particularly care about having an uber PVP setup, but I still want to at least be competent at it.

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