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10-08-2012, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by xcom43 View Post
I am just going to say the KDF is kinda getting a little too much Focus right now.

There is stuff on the Fed's side that need's too Be fixed.

Right now the Dev's need to Worry about Fixing bug's on ESD and other place's be cause it is such a mess.

But in many way's The Fed Side is kinda getting Ignored and they are focusing on the KDF side a little too much.
Little to much focus, excuse me? Are you nuts? When is the last time the KDF has got any focus? I dare you to tell me...I really do.

People these days, seems like the forum is getting more and more delusional people. I can't believe the stuff that feds has wrote...stuff like this and stuff like the KDF is well off...maybe even better than feds.

I just hope people aren't stupid enough to read it and think its true.
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10-08-2012, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
So many things wrong, first off want to talk about the warrior part and all? Feds are supposed to be peace lovers? Then why do two fed fleet ships have 5 tac consoles and neither raptors or bops have 5?
My suggestion, make a thread in the KDF section and complain/wish/demand there. Don't ask me why Feds have 5 tac console ships. Maybe this is a good point where Cryptic got it wrong for the KDF.

Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Your really out of your mind if you thought the isometric charge is going to be as powerful as the npc versions...I bet your upset you can't do 6 digit damage numbers with a HY Plasma torp like borg can right? I bet you probably don't even have any skills in particle generators.
I assumed it would do about the same in damage, but assumption is the mother of all f'ups.
And I have 6 skillpoints in particle generators, your point?

Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
You know...just in case you couldn't figure it can wield polarized disruptors as a fed, its not like they are exclusive to the kdf.
Not with the disruptor quad cannon, my enitre point.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Ok, either but not both, I can go with that a bit more, and I am guessing these Polarized Phasers wouldn't be Fed-exclusive of course.
Just to flip you guys off I should say: Yes, exclusive to feds =). But no, not more exclusive then the Polarized Disruptors would be just fine.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
True though, CRF 3 Quads are quite pretty, on either side.

Well, about Feds 'having their cake, eating it, and stealing everyone else's cake', is mostly going on that there are Fed-only players who come onto these forums, and pretty much whine and complain about Klingon's having 'X', and that Fed's should have 'X' too. I know you are newer to these forums, so you haven't seen a lot of that, but it has still happened a lot in the game.
I'm mostly a lurker and only started posting by starting this thread. Though I'm a fed player and keep lurking in feds threads, this has opened up some new insights into the KDF.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
That's also why you've gotten such a rather negative response on this thread from several people already, because it seems to be another one of those kinds of threads is all.
I think it's not so bad. People are allowed to argue here, right? That's what I'll do. Some people won't get a reply because they make some rather boring non-sticking statement.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
In turn, the Devs have bent to all this whining in the past, and given them what they want, and it doesn't help they keep doing it with the lockboxes by trading consoles over now.

A couple examples of that include things like having playable Klingons on the Fed-side, all the anti-cloaking devices Feds have, and so on.

As for what there would be to give up, if they just added Polarized Phasers, not much since Klingons could use them just fine still, I was mostly referring to the Quad cannons with that line.
Not sure I understand the last part. Should the feds give up the quad cannons?
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10-09-2012, 04:06 PM
If they aren't exclusive, that's fine. I wouldn't mind these really.

Well, I can't speak for any KDF player except myself, nor will I try to. But for myself, I don't mind things being added into the game, like for example, if these Polarized Phasers were added. What I don't like, is that they add things for the Feds, and usually only the Feds, sometimes to the point of even taking it away from the KDF (like the console swapping they do in the lockboxes).

Debating and everything is good, wouldn't be a forum if we didn't. So much though, there's just been things like, 'Waaaahhh! The dirty, rotten Klingons have X! We need X or something to counter X! Waaaahhh!' You aren't doing that of course, not in the slightest.

Well, what I meant with all that, is that you were wanting Quad Disruptors possibly to use with Polarized Disruptors, but saying you wanted to give up nothing in return there at the start. I'm not saying Feds need to give up anything, just that the KDF shouldn't have to lose something they have though just so Feds can have it too.

I have a hunch, regardless of anything else, they might make a 'swap' eventually be the Quad Cannons.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?

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