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WTH??? Seriously? They frelled up the STF NPC code by a LONG shot with last night's patch. Just got out of an ISE where NANITE SPHERES were doing more damage than the gate! ONE SHOT KILLS from nanite spheres!


Top it off with total BS going on. Plasma damage eating through well over HALF my hull in less than 2 seconds flat. Fleet K'Tinga Retrofit is NOT a paper ship. Last night I could take more damage than most ships in a PUG. I use hull heals as well as EPTS3 x2 chained together. It's a competent build and I often get top DPS in most STFs I log.

Just got out of one and it was UNPLAYABLE. I died 2x more than I ever should have for BS code reasons. My hull kept going down from a BEAM (not plasma damage, NO plasma on me) going THROUGH a full facing shield. Took me down to 50% instantly, and it kept dropping in chunks. Not smoothly. RAPID chunks. No heal would stop it. aux2sif, HE2, BFI, I still died.

Evasive maneuvers may have been slowed down as well, because I was using it to get the hell out of the range of what was killing me, and I wasn't getting out of range. Ran out of Evasive while still at 9K from target. Before you ask: yes I was full throttle.

I checked the battle log in ACT! The freaking TAC Cube was critting 44k+!! It seemed to do it repeatedly! Because it took me down to 1% hull or so with full facing shields (another time, first time was from a sphere), and it took a full oddy down to 1% hull in front of my eyes even though he had shields still. It was sucking his hull meter before my eyes. Ludicrous update code! It wasn't even FIRING plasma torps, but somehow managed to do 44k hits with them! As a matter of fact I only got hit with a couple of plasma torpedoes the entire ISE match, but looking at outgoing damage the tac cube alone was firing a hundred or so. None ever showed up. They all were registering massive loads of damage every few seconds in battle log. Somehow the tac cube also has a heavy plasma cannone that doesn't have a graphic with it either, because I never got hit with bolts, yet it shows EVERY SECOND (often MULTIPLE TIMES per second) I was on the receiving end of anywhere from 1200 to ***4000*** damage from said weapon.

From 8:40:17 to 8:40:26 I took about 8000 combined damage from a weapon that had no firing sequence, that had no impact animations. It was just my hull and shields dropping INSTANTLY.

That's just one small sample. It was more regularly doing over 3K per hit according to battle log.


Let's check out a lowly freaking NANITE SPHERE, shall we? These guys were killing me in 1 hit through full hull and mostly full shields WITH damage reduction from my use of EPTS3. That's 30% reduced incoming damage. From 8:38:58 to 8:38:00 (2 seconds) this one single nanite sphere did 3200 shield more hull on a single member of our ISE group (not me). It's absurd the amount of firepower a freaking SPHERE put out. It got 6th out of the entire game! Just behind the TAC CUBE ITSELF!!!!

3 spheres (2 nanite, 1 defender) did more damage than the first cube AND the gateway itself did!

Whatever you did in the patch overnight, cryptic, you totally hosed it all up. This is 1000000% unacceptable. UN-ACCEPT-ABLE.

And no I'm not making this up. I have the battle log. I saw it happening to ships with more hull than me. Many of us died in an ISE match, when all of us were quite well equipped to never die once if we'd done it last night before the patch.

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