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10-10-2012, 04:14 AM
The Chimera is a good ship that performs en par with the other escorts and the BO slots easily replaces the older T5 ships with basically a Universal Ensign slot to choose what we want as an Escort. Or more of a Cruiser format with higher survivability with either a LTC Engineering or Science Slot.

The only things I do NOT like is that I wish they did something about that huge Guppy Mouth with Vektor's original design. It's the one aspect I always hated.

Second, having a mix of Blue and Red Impulse Engines? Make up your mind designers? Either both red or both blue.

And that Transformation? I honestly HATE it, for now on I am going to call it "Hamburger Mode", because of those ridiculous gold bumpers. When I heard about transformations, I was thinking you have something like Photon Launchers poping out of the saucer and you got a revealing of another phaser bank. But this? /facepalm

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