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10-10-2012, 09:29 AM
"rewards based on time subscribed, this was called "Veteran" rewards" Now anyone with some money paid can have it all now now!

So I was just saying I want it all now now! They already threw vets under the bus by letting people new to the game pay and get all the rewards now. So I was just taking it one more step.. Just give me the rewards now as well. Let me hit 1000 and make me a lifer.. No? I did not gamble like you all did? Well yea you are correct I did not. But ill tell you what Ill pay.... $75 more dollars cryptic.. No Ill pay $100 more and you give me life. But the $199 is the price! Yes that is true.. But money talks now in this game. Starbases I could see in Cstore before its over with. Amount of time you spend means nothing compared to $$$ you spend. So give me life... Give others Maco Stlyes in Cstore and t5 bases. Not so crazy if you compare what they did with giving all new lifers all the vet rewars no matter how long in game. MONEY TALKS!

I say this not because I want the ship lol. I got like 15 days left and still not sure ill use it. I fly the fleet retro defiant. I still cant see if the pros of the new one beats the loss of console. Plus no new bridge. Im a freak when it comes to stlye and things pretty and Im not sure I like the over sized deflector. "for me at least" I love seeing all typs of ships flying around. Just me flying it.. Im not sure

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