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10-10-2012, 10:42 AM
Tried these ships out within minutes of their availability.

With the BOFF slots, I really like how you have your choice of either an Escort (with the Universal Ensign slot) or a Tactical Cruiser (with the LTC slot going to Eng or Sci). And done in a way that the MVAM and the Akira isn't delegated to the scrapyards.

With the Chimera, I really love the design, EXCEPT that HUGE Bass Mouth. I personally feel that it could've been scaled down to match the sleekness of the ship from above. And I really am not fond of the "Tactical Mode", it looks cheesy with those Gold Bars. I feel that the Transformation mode could've been done better and in a different way.

Also, the art team needs to make up their mind weither she has blue Impulse Engines or Red, because the Saucer's is Blue while the Pylons is Red.

With the Klingon ship, I just outright hate the design. It's hideous and looks like someone threw it together at the last minute. It honestly does. And was expecting the tranformation to be to have the wings adjust and cannons pop out, instead we got some ugly green thing that pops out. And honestly, not sure how the Klingons could fit a warp core with that stuff taking up the interior space.

It's a bad design and needs to be redone.

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