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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Quoted for shame.

Quoted for truth.

Number of Escorts that can even theoretically make use of this: 3
(Aquarius, Jem'Hadar, Temporal Destroyer)
Number of Escorts that gimp themselves totally by doing so: 3
(totally giving up all your Sci slots is ... not an option)

Oh, and your math is off - Aux2Damp stacks additively with other turn rate multipliers, so the max you'd get out of this is about BoP maneuverability - at the price of getting more squishy than a BoP, too.
Oh, of course you could build a BoP on this though ... 'would totally lack firepower, but ... hell, I'm going to try this just for giggles.

Cruisers though can profit a lot from this, especially the Galaxy-X and Bortasqu' got quite a bit more interesting. Aux2Damp cruisers just got a bit more viable in general.

Turn rate is 87.5 for bop and 85 for jemy only using 1 rcs on both of them, admittedly on temp destroyer it is a bit lower but it is still in high 70.

And about squishy thats pretty debatable seeing you can use 2x epts1,2x aux&dump couple that with 3bif and shield battery and you can shield tank just as good as most escorts and that is all what matters in this game. And speed and turn rate is everything for escort if you get behind your enemy and he/she cant get you infront of his guns they wont be able to damage you in the first place and you will be able to get your guns on them a lot faster to, this works prety good on kdf side with there KHG shield that jam the enemy by the time they lock on to you, you are ovredy behind them and poping them wide open.

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