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# 1 Revert Flight Deck officers
10-10-2012, 03:30 PM
Flight Deck officers were fine before. You could slot 3 of them with Frigates/BoP's and get the CD down to a much better level. Now however, they are utterly useless for KDF carriers(other than siphon carriers). The best you can get is -24 seconds with 3 of them, while it used to be -30+ with 2, and 3 was totally unnecessary. -24 still gets the Danoob/Drone spammers their cake, but gets all of us who don't want to use OP gear a kick in the face. Please, revert the changes.
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# 2
10-10-2012, 03:34 PM
So your saying the loss of 6 seconds is going to make you run siphon drones....

um ya ok, what ever you need to do to excuse that go for it. lol

Change is fine. No doffs should be based on %s ever... it makes balancing any new toys that get thrown into the game harder then it should be....

A set time is the way to go.
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# 3
10-10-2012, 04:34 PM
I recently bought three purple flight deck officers so the heavy escort carrier I was aiming to buy could pop out danubes as quickly as my atrox could with three green flight deck doffs popping the hangars back to back.

An interesting side effect was that my atrox could now pop out any summon pretty much back to back with 1-2 seconds cool. Which is pretty much necessary considering a beam fire at will or scatter volley will completely vaporize all of a carrier's summons. A carrier with no summons is even more pitiful, sad, and helpless than the cruiser beached whales. They either need to significantly increase the durability of carrier summons so they don't vaporize en masse like sawdust exposed to a match, or they need to give us back our spam ability. My shiney new doffs are now utterly useless, and the carrier pretty much is too, and I certainly won't be buying the heavy escort carrier, things such as they are.

Additionally, the flight deck doff cool reduction for boarding parties is useless as everyone who knows anything about the game knows that back to back tac teams are the only way to survive pvp/elite stfs, and with constant tac team, boarding parties are useless.

Also, the BS they gave about "This fixes an issue where the doffs wouldn't activate." Who has ever had that issue ever? Not me, not on the klingon side or the fed side, not with carriers, and it wouldn't make any sense for it to mysteriously not work on ships with a single hangar. I call total spin lies on that one.

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