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10-10-2012, 09:45 PM
Being a tanky player this is the most tac oriented ship I feel comfy in and can have fun with.
The Fleet Scourge I have can dish it out but the Tork can quite well too and it's rather survivable as well. And having the extra weapons slot on the rear is nice for some extra DPS.
I think I even prefer it over the 1000 day ship, though I'm yet to try a tanky style build on that.

I only PvE. Currently running with 4xDBBs up front, 2x turrets rear along with 2x tric mine layers (for 2 buffed tric deploys a minute).

FaW3 along with BO1, TT1, APB1 and DPB1 seems pretty good. Combined with EWP3 to snare enemies while you mine them after downing a facing is great. And EPtW1 helps with some more dmg and keeping power up.

Will add the full build details to my sig soon. But yeah, I like it more than escorts cause I can do things with it other than just sit there and shoot (all escorts seem to do) makes it more fun and engaging for me.
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