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10-12-2012, 02:23 AM
I got to 800 days not long ago (though thanks to the last patch I now have access to all the veteran rewards as I am a lifer) and went to the Romulan officer at the ST Academy to refine that measly extra 1K dilithium, only to be sorely disappointed when I found out that it is a 2-day-long doff assignment. In disgust, I wandered off never intending to actually use that DOFF mission. How about making it 2,000 dilith per day instead of 1K per 2 days (assuming there's no cooldown on top of that)?

Granted, I have 5 lvl 50 characters, plus 2 more at lower levels and 1 or 2 more characters planned for the future, so it's not that big an issue for me, but...

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