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10-12-2012, 08:36 AM
i'd much rather spend my Zen on new FE Missions (or any other type of real content) than on stupid LockBoxes.

on that note, i'm sitting on 10.000 Zen and have nothing to buy in the C-Store because i boycott LockBoxes / Keys, have no need yet for Ship Modules and have pretty much everything else that makes any sense at all for me to own.
there are still a few ships left that i could buy, but those would gain me nothing because they are already outclassed or just not fitting my playstyle at all (SCI ships *ugh*).

With that in mind, the C-Store releases have gotten pretty slow these last few months, it seems to me that everything that would go into the C-Store is now just redirected to LockBoxes, and by that also turned into a PER CHAR thing, which is only more reason for my 11 Char Account to boycott that nonsense.

Also, i have 3 LockBox Ships, collecting DUST because there is nothing to play besides the occasional 5 minute long PvE Queue match for fleetmarks with a 10 minute wait in the queue (i blame KDF side population, or odd hours i play at).

I'm DONE with the STF grind for now, i have all 3 STF XII Ground sets, each on another character, this new reputation system sounds to me like cartering to the casual player who does not like random drops and is whining when he didn't get his drop after the 10th time playing KAGE.
In short, if i can have 3 full ground Sets since they released it, while only playing STFs occasional when i'm in the mood for some grinding, then you can do one full set in that time easily instead of complaining about not getting it.

What i am personally concerned about is, what happens to the option to turn EDC into dilithium when that reputation system comes along and the old store is being ripped out?
Also, with having 3 full sets, do these chars need to run through all STFs another 150 times to get their reputation up?

ok enough with STFs...

obviously i'm not opposed to grinding or i wouldn't do it so much.
but i bought this game because its STAR TREK and i want STAR TREK STORY!
And i'm not seeing much of that lately.

But then... i always get a bit grumpy about the game not adding new stuff in the time right before a season update hits and one is coming up next month or so.... so i will just have to sit and wait and HOPE that they aren't screwing more things up for me than they are improving.

Oh and the next FE is scheduled for Season 8, so hopefully before March 2013?
(i did not expect Season 7 so soon to be honest, looks like they are going back to 3 - 4 Seasons a year instead of just 2 like last year)

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