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Ok, I know that there have been a lot of "Cruisers need a damage buff" threads recently and by now most of us are bored of them, I myself am but I felt this was worth saying.

I run the T3 Excelsior and the T5 Excelsior and decided, for %$^%s and giggles, I'd take my T3 one out for a while. I did a couple of STFs in it KASN and CSE, I can already hear people thinking "Get to the point already!" so here is said point:

My T3 Excelsior managed to pull a gates agro off an Oddy and a T5 Escort, hold it and survive at the same time. All the while putting out the same damage figures of my T5 version using the same build (As shown below).

My T3 Excelsior

My T5 Excelsior

T3 weapons, consoles and equipment

2 Polarised Tetryon Beam arrays Mk XI
2 Phased Tetryon Beam arrays Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]
2 Adv Fleet Tetryon Beam arrays Mk XII [Dmg]x3 [Acc]


Eng: 2 Neutronium Mk XI (Blue), Borg
Sci: Field gen Mk XI (Blue)
Tac: 2 Tetryon pulse gen Mk XI (Blue)

T5 weapons, consoles and equipment

as T3 with 2 Quantum Torp launchers Mk XII [Borg]


Eng: 2 Neutronium Mk XI (Blue), 1 Monotanuim Mk XI (Blue), Borg
Sci: 2 Field gen Mk XI (Blue)
Tac: 3 Tetryon pulse gen Mk XI (Blue)

DOFFs (Same on both)
2x Conn officer - tac team cd reduction (Blue)
Matter-anti matter spec (Blue)
Damage control (Blue)
Tech (Blue)

The T3 ship was doing 500-800 damage per hit critting at about 1000-1050 per hit, the reason for this thread is that despite the extra tac console the T5 does EXACTLY the same.

I do cycle EPtW and EPtS on both ships and I do make use of AP:B whenever possible, so, any ideas?

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