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Hi Captains,

Do you think Khitomer Accord space elite has been made way to hard ?
I do.
I have been at it now for weeks trying to get that last piece of proto-tech to complete my STF collection, I have all except the Omega MK XII Engine, even all the Accolades.
When I say weeks I mean all day every day, in fact its taken me four months to get this far since I began STF's.
I've seen all the video's and read all the Wiki and other posts several times over and over to know what Im doing, I even bought a new stronger ship and kitted it out properly, and yet still no proto-tech.
If its taken me an all day every day player four months to get this far then my advice to week end players is "Dont waste your time doing STF's".
I mean, what does it take to get the proto-tech, a billion trys where 99% of atemps end in a failed mission.
If the drops that contain the proto-tech are just random chance then its not fair because a noobie could get the proto-tech first try when an elite regular could play a thousand trys and still not get it.
There has to be some set rules on what must be done to get the proto-tech or we are all just wasting our time only to loose it to noobs.
Ive got nothing against noobs since I was one once myself and I hate the way they get all the abuse just for mistakes when trying to learn, but still, proto-tech should be ernt not given away randomly.
Anyway my point is Khitomer Accord space elite is way way to hard even for elite.

Now I will wait for all the people to brag here saying how easy they find it.

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