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Took a break and ran off from the game, and coming back there are a billion different escorts fed side now. I mainly run PvE and STF stuff and seeing so many different new stuff running around don't know what to really use and I guess I just wanted opinions and views regarding some of the new stuff. I have the Defiant R, and the Multi-Vector, but now there is the Armitage, the time destroyer one, and even the new 1000 day destroyer (Not even going to mention the bug ship due to the fact that it costs a billion dollars). Just want to watch things go pop after a long day at work but didn't know if the new stuff was worth it or what not. Just seemed like a dozen ways to make things go pop the same way, and didn't know which direction to focus on instead of using all of them. I know that this is subjective, but hopefully people can give me their views and opinions on the different ones, and which one might be more effective realistically in a PvE/STF framework.

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